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prisha joshi
Oct 08, 2022
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Phones are an essential part of our lives and are more than just technological marvels, which is why we should decorate and protect them. Silicone Phone Cases The majority of modern silicone phone cases are made of 'liquid silicone.' A liquid silicone Oneplus Nord 2 back cover may be unfamiliar to you. Liquid silicone differs from old-fashioned soft silicone in that it is much harder and has the elasticity of a gel phone case. These cases typically have a matte finish, are light to the touch, and are resistant to fingerprints and dust. They protect the back and sides of the phone in the same way that gel cases do. They're very popular because of the feel and finish they provide. Leather Phone Cases Leather phone cases are a popular higher-end phone case style. They have the same weight and size as the other gel, silicone, and hard cases, but they are made of leather (real or PU leather). Some manufacturers make these cases with a hard inner shell that is then covered with leather. These cases come in a variety of colours and finishes and are a popular high-end Oneplus Nord Cover style. Hard Phone Case So, what exactly is a hard phone cover? A hard phone case is a hard shell-like case that is precisely moulded for a specific phone model and snaps onto the phone. It will typically cover the phone's back and four corners. They are typically thin and lightweight, adding little bulk to the form of the phone. You're in luck, because Zapvi offers a plethora of case options. We're ready to protect your phone or tablet with a slew of engineer-designed features.

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