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Apr 23, 2022
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Sign up for a web hosting - $2.95/month Germany Phone Number List Install an open-source shopping cart like WooCommerce – free Install an SSL certificate – most web hosts will provide you with an SSL certificate for free to secure your website Germany Phone Number List Sign up for a free credit card processor - $0 per month, 2-3% fee per transaction (Optional one-time fee) Buy a template for your website - $20-$50 If you add up all the above, that's between $2.95 and $52.95. Bottom line There are no upfront inventory costs. There are no Germany Phone Number List warehouse costs. The overhead is almost zero. I can't think of any business model with Germany Phone Number List lower startup costs Dropshipping Pro #2: Easy Setup shopping cart When I started my online store, my options were limited. But today, there are literally hundreds of services that can help you build an eCommerce store in less than a day. The choice that's right for you depends on Germany Phone Number List your budget, the features you need, and the scalability you need for your eCommerce platform. Watch the video below to learn how to install WooCommerce with one click. Editor's Note: I've negotiated a 63% discount off BlueHost's regular price for readers. Click Germany Phone Number List here to sign up for BlueHost and save 63% on Dropshipping Pro. Much lower risk Safety The beauty of Germany Phone Number List dropshipping is that there is little risk. Because you invest very little money upfront, the losses are small. Because your business doesn't have inventory, there's no selling pressure Germany Phone Number List because you don't have to incur storage or shipping overhead. Plus, you can carry a wide variety of items in the store because you don't need to store any! If you browse dropshipping Germany Phone Number List directories like Worldwide Brands, you'll find dropshipping suppliers for just about every niche you can think of.

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