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The East Suffolk High School Alumni Association awarded $6,000 in scholarships to four recent graduates from three Suffolk public schools and one private school.  The scholarships are funded by alumni, attendees, supporters and friends of East Suffolk Alumni and the Joyce A. Artis Memorial Scholarships are funded through donations from the estate of Joyce A. Artis, who was a 1966 graduate of John F. Kennedy High School.

The following students received the ESHSAA scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each; left to right: Drew Phillips, D’Avion Ajanae Godwin, Keshawn Eric Skinner; and $1,500 each from the Joyce A. Artis Memorial Scholarship Fund are Stacey Michelle Sharpe and Eduardo Zambrana Jr.



Each of the five scholarship receipents demonstrated exceptional performance throughout his or her high school career and was judged in five categories: academic acheivement, original essay, community service, extracurricular activities and financial need.


The 2017-2018 scholarship applications will be available in the schools’ guidance offices and the East Suffolk Recreation Center in February 2018. If you are a graduate of East Suffolk High School or John F. Kennedy High School, your relatives are eligible to apply for one of the ESHSAA Scholarships or the Joyce A. Artis Memorial Scholarship.



Scholarships for 2017-2018


Kings Fork High School

(ESHSAA Scholarships)


Drew Langston Phillips                                              $1,000.00


Lakeland High school

(ESHSAA Scholarships)


D’Avion Ajanae Godwin                                              $1,000.00

Keshawn Eriq Skinner                                                 $1,000.00


                                                                  Total            $3,000.00

Nansemond River High School

(Joyce A. Artis Memorial Scholarship)


Stacey Michelle Sharpe                                                 $1,500.00

Lui Eduardo Zambrana, Jr.                                          $1,500.00


                                                                  Total             $3,000.00


                                                 Grand Total                  $6,000.00

2007 - 2016

Kings Fork High School

David Byrd                                 $500.00

Katrina A. McNair                     $500.00

James Justin Ridley                    $500.00

Lindsey B. Crews                        $750.00

Rathmond M. Collins IV            $750.00

Krysta Sherie Bush                  $1,000.00

Katina G. Robinson                 $1,000.00

Chinoza E. Nnawuleiz            $1,000.00

Lakeland High School

Sandra Beale                               $500.00

Dominic D. Bowser                     $500.00

Valdez Powell                              $500.00

McKinsey Bullock Jr.                   $750.00

Kenneth T. Watson Jr.                 $750.00

LaNeisha K. Gainey                 $1,000.00

Divincia M. Majette                  $1,000.00

Michaela D. Twitty                   $1,000.00

Maya J. Brown                          $1,000.00 *

Alexis S. Knight                        $1,000.00

Kiera Nicole Rountree              $1,000.00

Nansemond River High School

Ashli Mclean                                 $500.00

Vernell A. Wood III                       $500.00

James A. Taylor                             $500.00

Kayla S. Jewette                             $750.00

Janell J. Green                                $750.00

Elizabeth Sucai Spear                 $1,000.00

Kimberly Alisha Williams          $1,000.00  *

William Cazene Goodman III    $1,000.00  *

McKenna R. Hill                         $1,000.00

Imani S. Ireland                          $1,000.00

Tahj Anthony Faulk                    $1,000.00

Descendants of East Suffolk High


Suffolk Public Schools

Kenyell Waters                              $500.00 *

Juan B. Lascano                             $500.00 *

Danasha A. Edwards                    $500.00 *

Boston Arts Academy, Boston MA

Christoff J. Glaude                    $1,000.00


Bowie High School, Bowie Maryland

Nikko Zachariah Butler           $1,000.00 *


                       Total                   $27,500.00



Grand Total amount of scholarships given from the East Suffolk Alumni Association and the Joyce A. Artis Memorial Scholarship is $45,500.00


* = Recipient was awarded the W. L. Turner Memorial Scholarship




Joyce A. Artis Memorial Scholarship 2011-2016

(Descendants of J. F. Kennedy High School Graduates)


Hanover High School

Ebonee Sheree Jackson           $1,500.00

Suffolk Public Schools

Alandra Nicole Copeland        $1,500.00

Gary Cornell Knight                 $1,500.00

Jasmine Nicole Mabrey            $1,500.00

Jaylan Antonio Reid                 $1,500.00

Joshua Malcolm Bush              $1,500.00

Kayle Ismani Vincent               $1,500.00

Michaela Jordan Phillips         $1,500.00

Mildreka Asia Purdie              $1,500.00

Ryan DeVonte Lawrence         $1,500.00


Allen D. Nease High School, Florida

Mikayla Grace Mitchell          $1,500.00


Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School, VA Beach

Darius Jordan Whitehurst       $1,500.00


                               Total              $18,00.00


The ESHSAA scholarships are funded by the Alumni, Supporters and Friends of the Alumni Association.


One of the Scholarship is in the memory of W. L. Turner, our principal from 1939-1965. 


The Joyce A. Artis Memorial Scholarships which are funded through donations from the late Joyce A. Artis.  She was a 1966 graduate of John F. Kennedy High School.  The recipients must be a descendant of a John F. Kennedy High School graduate. The scholarships are awarded through the Association.


All scholarships are awarded to students from all three Suffolk High Schools.  A student can also be from other high schools as long as the student is a descendant (relative) of a graduate of East Suffolk High or John F. Kennedy High School.





Mary Sebron Steverson, Chair

Marion Bemory Wright

Carol Bemory Diggs

Priscilla Hyman Benn

Ella Porter Ward





We are committed to helping to bridge the financial and educational gap of our students.  We could not do this without your contributions.  We thank each of you for your continuous commitment in helping us to help these students toward their future.

East Suffolk High School Alumni Association

Home of the Wolverines 

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